Cashless is the new trend!


Boost your business, and let your customers decide how they pay with our cashless payment solution. Accepting all the top-shot payment gateways for a secured transaction to help scale your cashless strategy.

In this page, we are going to discuss the modus operandi of our cashless solution with your vending machine – offering immediately management, service, and configuration to your machines. Real sales data in real-time.

Step 1

The Vending Machine!

User visits the vending machine and looks for the product or service they are looking for. Our motto is to offer an intuitive and highly efficient solution that can allow people to find solution on-the-go to quickly and predictably complete their vending transactions.

Step 2

Scan the QR Code

Each vending machine will be facilitated with a unique QR code. User needs to tap the scanner to scan the QR code and proceed towards the checkout process.

Step 3

Land on the checkout

A successful scan allows the user to instantly connect to the machine. The user needs to select their choice of product pricing from the list and the payment gateway as well to move into the next step for the payment to process.

Step 4

Authenticate your payment

Users suppose to enter their payment credentials and key in their secret pin to validate the payment transaction.

Step 5

Successful transaction

With the right set of credentials, the system will validate the transaction and redirect to the success page. Once the payment is successful, the user is validated to manually pick the product from the machine and completes the service.